This is a newly refreshed intro site dedicated to the legacy of Steve Cokely. This site is produced by Steve Cokely Jr. and it will feature information on his father, Steve Cokely. Included on this site are his videos and audio recordings plus other archival items and various products.

More videos will be constantly added and available on this site so please come back to here regularly to view them and other informational content. These videos  can also be viewed  on Steve Cokely Jr. YouTube channel.  To see his videos please click on this link: Steve Cokely videos
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In continuation of his father legacy and his own destiny, Steve Cokely Jr. has relocated to Ghana, Africa to create a International grassroots project between the US and Ghana.!!!! To follow in his purpose to build a business relationship between the people in Ghana and the brothers and sisters in the United States...  to trade and barter... to empower our communities and to build wealth amongst us!!!  Trading resources and keeping the dollars rotating in our communities here and abroad.... to read more of his story please go to his GoFundme page please help support his quests and endenvors at and stay on this  page view his videos and at his Youtube page: Steve Cokely Jr. Channel.
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